who are we ?

The North Carolina Doula Organization

…provides opportunities for leadership, champions educational development, and promotes financial support for doulas working in North Carolina.

We advocate for communities and utilize a social justice framework to make pregnancy, birth, and postpartum safer for all people, particularly those who are marginalized and experience negative reproductive health outcomes at disproportionate rates.

We are an organization that values diversity in perinatal work and amplifies the voices of those committed to improving perinatal care across the state.

The NCDO Board 2022-2023

Angie Rosier

Finance and Fundraising

Amelia Mattocks

Secretary and Membership

Nala Fairley

Marketing and Public Relations

Kira Kimble


Tashona Winslow

BIPOC Caucus Chair

Candace Edwards

Regional Liasion Chair

Chama Woydak


Cindy McMillan



Community Advisory Board Representative